Saturday, May 21, 2011

13. Glimses of Paradise

     I don’t know how many might agree, but the best way to enjoy Munnar is on your foot. The doubters can just go on an evening stroll and find out for themselves. Start in the morning, and you’ve got all the more time to explore Munnar. You can walk through the woods, take a small trek or just walk down the road and watch the people. You get more time to observe the people, the wildlife, the nature and not to mention, take in the fresh air. The cool weather makes sure the sun is not a problem. Just make sure you apply your sun screen and always carry ample supply of water with you.




  1. Amazing pics. Munnar is just 2hrs drive from my husband's house. But I don't have a good photos of Munnar like this. Thanks for sharing.


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